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Welcome to Nepal --- the country offering you the best of the holiday experiences ranging from hardcore adventure options to pleasing cultural walks, refreshing village tours, and adrenaline river trips and adventurous jungle safari. Nepal has evrything to offer to visitors from different walks of life and varied interest. Home to the brave Gurkhas and the adventurous Sherpas, Nepal is a living museum with over 100 ethnic and indigenous groups living in a perfect harmony. every other day, you see people celebrating colorful festivals with great vigour and rejoicing. Wherever you go in Nepal, you will always see smilling Nepal faces welcoming you with their palms joined together for Namaste.

Tourism is one of the most important activities in the country necessary to keep the national economy rolling. People are getting many benefits from tourism activities. Nepal is just not about Mt. Everest and Lumbini-the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Many beautiful areas in this small Himalayan republic remain unexplored. To take tourism to these areas and streamline international publicity and promotional effert, Nepal is celebrating the Year 2011 as Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign. We are hopeful of getting your positive suport and cooperation from the year-long tourism campaign.

Wer are hopeful that this City Map would be of great help for you. Please feel free to provide your valuable suggestions to us.
Have a womderful Vacation.
Thank You.

The form greeting in Nepal is 'Namaste' and is performed by joining the palms together.

Before entering a Nepal home, temple and stupa, remember to remove your shoes.

Do not eat from other people's plate and do not drink from other people's bottle or glass. It is considered 'Jutho' or impure by Nepalese.
While traveling, Address appropriately. Women should especially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits.
Seek permission first before entering a Hindutemple. Many Hindu temples do not allow westerners to enter.

Take photographs only after recieving permission for the object or person being photographed.
Always try to discourage beggers and hawkers.

Touching offrings or person when they are on the way to religious shrines.

Avoide kissing and hugging in public especially between men and women and women. It is taken as a social offence in most of the area of the country.

Opt for eco-friendly journeys. Encourage porters and other trekking staffs to save to save environment.

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