If you have a job, it is sure bet that the person that pays you doesn't have your best interest in mind. But when you work for someone else you can spend your whole life looking after those person best interests. Doesn't make you mad? It makes me very mad because I'm under the impression that slavery was abolished a long time ago!

Because the one thing most people are not willing to do for money is think for them selves. The only way most people are willing to make money is if someone tells them to do and pays them for doing it. The problem with this is, most people spend their whole life making someone else richer and all they get in return is a small fraction of that person's money.

What you need to do is what most people wont, look after your own interest by thinking for yourself. Stop ignoring your dream you and I both know that what you dream about would cost a lot more than you will ever be able to afford if you keep going the way you're going right now. If you don't look after your best interests…no one else will!

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