Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday: A Wondrous Getaway

Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday: A Wondrous Getaway

If challenging the peaks makes you say ‘WoW’; the rocky escalating terrains set you in a pulsating mood, the sight of pagodas or monasteries takes you to a different level of spiritual serenity and the mighty Himalayas seem to beckon you, then the Himalayan Kingdom Holiday is just the thing for you.
Encompassing the entire magic and magnificence of the Himalayas and the beautiful kingdoms nestling on the ranges, Sikkim and Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday is the best thing that can happen to a traveler who loves the blend of fun, solace and adventure.
Imagine the sun setting behind the towering mountains leaving its golden gleam on the snow blankets. Imagine a drive across the mountainous terrain while allowing the pristine beauty of the mountains engulf you in its enigma. Imagine testing your guts on a daring trek along the forgotten pathways and discovering the wild side of this seemingly harmonious natural setting. Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday brings you face to face with your reveries of a fulfilling vacation on the mightiest mountain ranges of the world.

The doors of the fabled kingdoms of Sikkim and Bhutan open to unleash their untouched, unscathed charm. The wealth of these kingdoms is kept preserved wisely away from the unruly eyes of urbanization. Even today the beauty of these spectacular kingdoms is treated as a boon straight from the divine strengths above.
The festivals and fairs showcase the colorful culture of the Bhutan and Sikkim. The worn out tourists from the highly demanding urban life find themselves in a invigorated by the unworldly sight of the Himalayan Kingdoms. And this is why the Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday is planned and presented in its own special way.

The leader in Indian holiday planning, off the beaten track pukka holidays, presents a gratifying kaleidoscope of Himalayan lifestyle. Embracing the picturesque valleys, the culturally sumptuous dance dramas, fairs and festivals, the spiritually enlightening pagodas and the adventurous trekking destinations in a single Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday, off the beaten track has managed to get a highly impressed clientele based all over the world. Every day of the vacation in the Himalayan kingdom is so full of rewarding experiences that the tourists keep coming back for more every year.

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