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Visit Nepal Tourism Year 2011

Welcome to Nepal --- the country offering you the best of the holiday experiences ranging from hardcore adventure options to pleasing cultural walks, refreshing village tours, and adrenaline river trips and adventurous jungle safari. Nepal has evrything to offer to visitors from different walks of life and varied interest. Home to the brave Gurkhas and the adventurous Sherpas, Nepal is a living museum with over 100 ethnic and indigenous groups living in a perfect harmony. every other day, you see people celebrating colorful festivals with great vigour and rejoicing. Wherever you go in Nepal, you will always see smilling Nepal faces welcoming you with their palms joined together for Namaste.

Tourism is one of the most important activities in the country necessary to keep the national economy rolling. People are getting many benefits from tourism activities. Nepal is just not about Mt. Everest and Lumbini-the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Many beautiful areas in this small Himalayan republic remain unexplored. To take tourism to these areas and streamline international publicity and promotional effert, Nepal is celebrating the Year 2011 as Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign. We are hopeful of getting your positive suport and cooperation from the year-long tourism campaign.

Wer are hopeful that this City Map would be of great help for you. Please feel free to provide your valuable suggestions to us.
Have a womderful Vacation.
Thank You.

The form greeting in Nepal is 'Namaste' and is performed by joining the palms together.

Before entering a Nepal home, temple and stupa, remember to remove your shoes.

Do not eat from other people's plate and do not drink from other people's bottle or glass. It is considered 'Jutho' or impure by Nepalese.
While traveling, Address appropriately. Women should especially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits.
Seek permission first before entering a Hindutemple. Many Hindu temples do not allow westerners to enter.

Take photographs only after recieving permission for the object or person being photographed.
Always try to discourage beggers and hawkers.

Touching offrings or person when they are on the way to religious shrines.

Avoide kissing and hugging in public especially between men and women and women. It is taken as a social offence in most of the area of the country.

Opt for eco-friendly journeys. Encourage porters and other trekking staffs to save to save environment.

Nepal Trekking Holidays – The Five Best Treks

Nepal trekking holidays have long been popular with avid trekkers, who come from all over the world to explore the spectacular Nepalese mountains. The country enjoys the most dramatic part of the Himalayas, including the Annapurna mountain range and Mount Everest, and there are dozens of outstanding routes where you can go trekking in Nepal. From well known trips to off the beaten track adventures, there’s a diverse range of routes available; here are five of the very best…
Naturally, if you are interested in a Nepal trekking holiday, Everest is going to be near the top of your list of places to visit. Getting to the top of the world’s tallest mountain requires extensive mountaineering experience (and a lot of money!), but Everest Base Camp (the starting point for serious attempts on the summit) can be reached by any trekker in good shape.

There are numerous routes used to get to Everest Base Camp, ranging from the classic route, to off-the-beaten-track routes, to treks that retrace the steps of the original explorers who climbed and conquered Everest. But, however you get there, the area around Everest (including the beautiful Gokyo Lakes and the summit of Kala Pattar) is truly one of the best places to go trekking in Nepal.
The Annapurna Circuit
The Annapurna Massif is well known to veteran trekkers – it is regarded as the most spectacular mountain range in the Himalayas, if not the world. The Annapurna Circuit is one of the classic Nepal trekking holidays, with the 300 kilometre route, around the giant peaks of the Annapurnas, taking in many different kinds of terrain - verdant fields, pine forest, deep canyons, high mountain passes and snow capped peaks. It is one of the longer treks in Nepal, taking up to twenty days but, starting from around 800m, it offers a gradual acclimatisation in reaching the Thorong La – the highest pass – at 5,415m. Many regional experts claim that if you go on just one trek in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit is the one to do.

Into the Annapurna Sanctuary
At the centre of the Annapurna mountains is the Annapurna Sanctuary, a stunning glacial plateau ringed by massive peaks, including Annapurna I, the tenth highest mountain on Earth (8,091m). While the classic Annapurna Circuit trek circles around the mountain range, a trek to the Annapurna Sanctuary takes you through one of the valleys and into the heart of the massif itself, giving you the opportunity to visit Annapurna base camp and enjoy some of the best views of the mountains themselves.
Mera Peak
The most famous treks in Nepal include circuits of the big mountain ranges, or a walk to Everest Base Camp. But many people who go trekking in Nepal won’t be satisfied until they’ve conquered a significant peak – for these summit hunters, Mera Peak is the highest mountain in Nepal that can be reached by trekking (rather than by climbing), standing at 6,476m. Most routes begin in a beautiful forest in the Hinku Valley before beginning the long ascent up to the peak itself, and the views of the Himalayan mountains from the top are spectacular.

Trek to Kangchenjunga

It is not as well known as the other Nepal treks on this list, but the trek to Kangchenjunga is perfect for those who want to get away from the crowds – despite being the third highest mountain in the world, it is rarely visited by outsiders. It is a long, hard walk to Kangchenjunga, over several high passes, but the intrepid trekker is rewarded with a trip to a seldom explored corner of Nepal; camping en route near remote villages and under towering peaks, before heading up to one (or both!) of the Kangchenjunga base camps.

Wildlife Tour And Adventure Gaming In Nepal

Nepal is very rich in flora and fauna. Nepal is the kingdom of Himalaya and mother nature has blessed the land with rich variety of flora and fauna. Also this land of mountains makes Nepal one of the preferred destinations to enjoy adventure gaming. The biodiversity of Nepal are well preserved in the numerous national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, reserve brimming, mountain valleys and other natural destinations. Himalaya and other majestic mountains provide wonderful opportunities to enjoy adventure gaming.
The wildlife of Nepal is mountainous species of wildlife. It is hub of Indo-Himalayan eco system. If you really want to explore the wildlife of Nepal, visit Chitwan National Park. It is the first and most populous national park of Nepal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal. Elephant riding is famous activity to enjoy in the park. The park is known to hold large population of Bengal tigers. Some of the common species found in the park are fishing cat, leopards, golden jackal, foxes, wild dogs, rhinoceros, pythons, king cobra, etc. The park also has good populations of birds. Apart from jungle safari, one can also enjoy rafting and jungle walk in this national park. Some other wildlife destinations are Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, etc.

Nepal offers wonderful opportunities for adventure games. There are many mountain trails in Nepal that offer trekking and mountain climbing opportunities. Some of the popular adventure games that can be enjoyed in Nepal are skiing, heliskiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, river rafting, motorbike safari, camping and fishing. However, Nepal is mainly famous for trekking and mountaineering. Some of the best trekking trails are Everest base camp, Annapurna region, Mustang region, Dolpo region, Kanchanjungha region, Langtang region, etc. These trails are best to enjoy for Nepal treks. These trails are good for all types of trekkers –beginners, moderate or expert trekkers.

Apart from wildlife and adventure gaming, Nepal is also famous for sight seeing. Nepal is abode of natural beauty. If you want to hold the nature in your heart go for Nepal Panorama tours. It offers wonderful sightseeing opportunities. It comprise visit to Kathmandu valley, Pokhara valley, Sirubari village tours and sightseeing at many other scenic destinations. These destinations are best for enjoying angling. This tour will also let you explore the virginal beauty of Himalayan region. You can get fantastic view of Himalaya from Pokhara and Sirubari.

Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday: A Wondrous Getaway

Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday: A Wondrous Getaway

If challenging the peaks makes you say ‘WoW’; the rocky escalating terrains set you in a pulsating mood, the sight of pagodas or monasteries takes you to a different level of spiritual serenity and the mighty Himalayas seem to beckon you, then the Himalayan Kingdom Holiday is just the thing for you.
Encompassing the entire magic and magnificence of the Himalayas and the beautiful kingdoms nestling on the ranges, Sikkim and Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday is the best thing that can happen to a traveler who loves the blend of fun, solace and adventure.
Imagine the sun setting behind the towering mountains leaving its golden gleam on the snow blankets. Imagine a drive across the mountainous terrain while allowing the pristine beauty of the mountains engulf you in its enigma. Imagine testing your guts on a daring trek along the forgotten pathways and discovering the wild side of this seemingly harmonious natural setting. Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday brings you face to face with your reveries of a fulfilling vacation on the mightiest mountain ranges of the world.

The doors of the fabled kingdoms of Sikkim and Bhutan open to unleash their untouched, unscathed charm. The wealth of these kingdoms is kept preserved wisely away from the unruly eyes of urbanization. Even today the beauty of these spectacular kingdoms is treated as a boon straight from the divine strengths above.
The festivals and fairs showcase the colorful culture of the Bhutan and Sikkim. The worn out tourists from the highly demanding urban life find themselves in a invigorated by the unworldly sight of the Himalayan Kingdoms. And this is why the Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday is planned and presented in its own special way.

The leader in Indian holiday planning, off the beaten track pukka holidays, presents a gratifying kaleidoscope of Himalayan lifestyle. Embracing the picturesque valleys, the culturally sumptuous dance dramas, fairs and festivals, the spiritually enlightening pagodas and the adventurous trekking destinations in a single Himalayan Kingdoms Holiday, off the beaten track has managed to get a highly impressed clientele based all over the world. Every day of the vacation in the Himalayan kingdom is so full of rewarding experiences that the tourists keep coming back for more every year.


If you have a job, it is sure bet that the person that pays you doesn't have your best interest in mind. But when you work for someone else you can spend your whole life looking after those person best interests. Doesn't make you mad? It makes me very mad because I'm under the impression that slavery was abolished a long time ago!

Because the one thing most people are not willing to do for money is think for them selves. The only way most people are willing to make money is if someone tells them to do and pays them for doing it. The problem with this is, most people spend their whole life making someone else richer and all they get in return is a small fraction of that person's money.

What you need to do is what most people wont, look after your own interest by thinking for yourself. Stop ignoring your dream you and I both know that what you dream about would cost a lot more than you will ever be able to afford if you keep going the way you're going right now. If you don't look after your best interests…no one else will!

Job Openings For New Skills

When you have acquired new skills, it is important to know where to find job openings to put them to work. Businesses post employment notices to various websites, newspapers, and agencies in order to get the attention of applicants who have completed certifications, licenses or degrees for specialized skills just like yours.
Specialized skills are in higher demand than general, entry level positions because not as many people can apply, this fact makes employment much easier to obtain. If you search for positions in specific fields, your chances of finding a good occupation will be much greater. Your new skills are a hot commodity in today's market, where many specialized positions cannot find enough applicants.

If you have acquired new knowledge in an area such as Information Technology, where new innovations for computer databases and other exciting technology are always being created, then you will find employment in many different businesses and organizations. Your weekly newspaper will have several listings for employment in this field, and you can find even more on online job listings.

Are you open to relocation to find employment with your new skill set? No matter what these are, you will find good positions while opening the doors of opportunity in your favor. The more flexible you are with the ability to travel, the more positions with a greater range of pay will be put at your disposal in order to put your specialty to work.

Job openings may be available overseas for your new skills, so looking into international employment opportunities can be a great change of pace from what you're used to. If you have the freedom to travel and are considering staying in another country, looking for employment overseas could be exactly what you have been looking for. Many companies need individuals who have fresh new skills to help take them to the next level.

Asking family and friends if they know of job openings in their place of business or if they have heard of employment around town is also an excellent method of locating positions that match your specialty. Your family and friends may have other friends that have connections to information that could help you on your search, so don't be afraid to ask them to keep their ears open for word of any great job opportunities.

If you use several of these techniques, you will be sure to find the perfect job openings for your new skills. Do not settle on only one or two of these techniques because you will want to give yourself the best opportunity to find the work you desire.

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